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Sanya is the southernmost city on Hainan Island, and one of the four prefecture-level cities of Hainan Province, in Southeast China. The city is renowned for its tropical climate and has emerged as a popular tourist destination, also serving as the training site of the Chinese national beach volleyball team.

Sanya Phoenix International Airport
Sanya Phoenix International Airport is located 11 kilometers southwest of Sanya city which is the southernmost point of China. The area is surrounded by places of interest and natural beauty. East of the airport lies beautiful Sanya Bay and Luhuitou, which is world-famous as the "End of the World." To the south is Phoenix Mountain, and the China sea is to the south of the airport. The airport is rated as a modern civilian airport at a Four-E level.
Sanya Phoenix International Airport was formally open on July 1, 1994. Since it was opened, it has maintained an excellent safety record. From 2016 to the present, there has 42 airlines run at Phoenix Airport, 28 of them are domestic airlines, 16 international and regional airlines, and founded 4 base companies;which opened 148 routes, 130 of them are domestic routes,2 regional routes, 16 international routes; navigable cities reached to 85, 67 of them are domestic cities, 2 regional cities and 16 foreign cities. The air network covering the provincial cities and major tourist cities of China, Hong Kong, Taipei, Russia, Kazakhstan, East Asia, Southeast Asia, the completed airline network has already taken shape.

Sanya Railway Station
Sanya Railway Station is the southernmost train station in the country. It is about 2.5 miles (4 km) from Mingzhu Square, and 5.5 miles (8.8 km) from the Sanya Phoenix International Airport.
In April 18th, 2007, the Western Railway in Hainan began operation after nearly two years' construction. The railway is 370 kilometers long (230 miles), winding along the western coastline of Hainan Province via several cities and scenic areas. You can now get on and off the fascinating island by train without making a lot of changes. Now, trains run direcly between the Railway Station and Guangzhou or Beijing via Yuehai Railway which is the the first cross-sea rail line in China. These passenger trains are air-conditioned and each has 18 carriages with excellent facilities. Passengers from Shanghai, Xian and Chengdu can take trains first to Haikou and then transfer to Sanya by train or bus.
Different with other stations, this Railway Station has a rich tropical setting, which gives passengers a concise and beautiful feeling when they first arrive in the city. Due to its important position in Sanya traveling, the services there are distinguished also. There are unique inquiry services in both Chinese and English, which help explaining the transportation and location of the city’s famous tourist sites.

Long-distance Bus
The city's Main Bus Station is located in Jiefang Erlu. There are nearly 100 long-distance buses to every county or city of Hainan as well as about 20 buses to some other provinces such as Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, and Jiangxi. Departure times range from 07:00 to 23:00 everyday.
The special express bus bound for Haikou departs every 20 minutes. It will take you about three hours from Sanya to Haikou via the eastern highway and about 3.5 hours via the western highway. The ticket fee is CNY79 for a deluxe bus and CNY49 for an ordinary bus.

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